2017 Team Ranking

If the name is in italics, then the posted ranks are NOT CONFIRMED and are the HIGHEST ranks that can be deduced from information available at the time of posting. When I receive additional information, I would be happy to post a revised rank.

Rank Team Sum of Ranks
1 MIT  
2 Harvard  
3 Princeton  
4 U. of Toronto  
5 UCLA  
6 Carnegie Mellon  
7 UC Berkeley  
9 Harvey Mudd  
10 U. of Waterloo  
10 Columbia  
12 Rutgers  
16 Duke  
20 Yale  
40 Colorado Sch. Mines  
41 U. of Illinois Urbana  


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If you find any information to be incorrect, or if you have additional information, for any year, please send an email to me at catazara at gmail.com. Please include:

  • name and academic rank of sender
  • school name (as in the MAA announcement of results)
  • contest year
  • team rank

Additional information is welcome, such as:

  • sum of team member ranks
  • individual team member scores and/or ranks (if you send student names, I will consider that you have the students' pemission to post their results)
  • name(s) of coach(es)